The Food Connection

Welcome to our table…where food and creativity converge. Like nothing else, food and conversation connects us as humans. As we figure out this new concept, we’ll add more content and info to the site. Please check back frequently to see what we’re up to.

Much like everything else in our world, the United States’ food system isn’t perfect. But it is the most abundant, safest, affordable system in the entire world. Less than two percent of our population grows and raises all the food the rest of us in the 98 percent consumes. If we want to make real change when it comes to our food system, we need to get people back in the kitchen, cooking and eating better, and we need to have a better definition of “local.” I think we should start with a better understanding of where our food comes from in the first place, who grows it, how it’s processed, how it’s prepared and the people preparing it.

At the Side Dish Group, we’re encouraging people to get back in the kitchen, to eat fresh and seasonal food, to shop in the outer aisles of the grocery store, and to celebrate the home cook. We’re creating unique food and cooking events to do just that. Check out our events and sign up for one that interests you.